Free/Subconscious Writing

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Free/Subconscious Writing

Post  Wynterrose on Thu Mar 31, 2011 9:10 am

What it is

Free writing, or stream of consciousness writing, is when you access your subconscious through writing. This can be done for spiritual answers, as a creative project, stress management, and many other things. Some say it frees the spirit and allows you ease in relaxing your mind and tapping into your creative side.

What you need

Paper or something to write on
Pencil, pen, or anything to write with
Probably somewhere quiet where you wont be distracted
Decent amount of time (so you wont be rushed)

How to do it

Find a good place that you can relax, maybe meditate to alter your state of consciousness. Let your mind relax, don't plan what to write and don't try to hard. To go off on a tangent, this is a reoccurring theme in magickal/spiritual practices, to let go and feel and let things flow rather than try to feel-if you force it your work is less efficient, maybe even inefficient. Just write whatever comes to your mind and let it flow, don't worry about it making sense. When your time is up or you would like to stop, go ahead and read through and look at what you have written, and analyze the results.

When you do this it may come out a bit messy, and similar to Ginsberg's "Howl". That is fine, because the the brain works in a messy way rather than the more safe blanket linear reality that we perceive. Just let it flow!


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