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Post  Wynterrose on Fri Apr 01, 2011 12:07 am

Creative Visualization Exercise 1

This is a preparatory exercise and your first step to master the art of creative visualization.

Here we go:

Look at the scene in front of you. Capture as much information as possible. Close your eyes and do a visual recall projecting the image in the space between and above the eye.

At first the recalled image blurs and fades off easily. Keep practicing and eventually you will be able to form a mental image with ease.

Move on to the next exercise.

Creative Visualization Exercise 2

Probably you already know that creative visualization is more powerful than visualization alone.

Let's make this exercise a little more interesting by inducing relaxation while working on your mental muscles.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breathes.

Imagine yourself lying on the grassland. Feel the soft green grass against your arms...hmm...Take your time and look at those grasses surrounding you. Did you notice the unique shade of green? At this moment, the cool spring breeze caresses the grassland. You see the grasses swaying from side to side gently.

As you look into the blue sky, you see passing clouds. Focus on the blue sky...hmmm...isn't it a soothing color? Some distant away, you see a flock of birds flying pass but you can?t tell the spicy.

Can you see how I weave your senses into the mental pictures?

You are also more relaxed now, aren't you?

Ready for something more challenging? Proceed to the next exercise then.

Creative Visualization Exercise 3

This is a long exercise. You may like to record your own reading of the following section. Play back and use it as a guided imagery to aid you.

Let's take a walk with someone you love in this exercise. Close your eyes. Breathe naturally and relax.

Visualize your surrounding and build the images in your mind?s eye.

Walk out of your house and imagine a large oak door in front of you. You see a white glow around the door and as you open the door, the glow embraces you.

You step through the door and find yourself in a park.

You hear footsteps and soon see your love one walking towards you all smiling. You walk towards him/her and take him/her in your arms and give him/her a long, loving hug. Do you feel the warmth of his/her body? Together you walk, hand in hand with him/her and soon approach a winding, leaf covered path. Take the path and look around.

Can you see the red bellied woodpecker on the trunk some distant away? Did you hear the ?ch?h, ch?h? sound it makes?

Can you feel the cool breeze and contour of the uneven ground?

Did you hear the gentle rustling of the leaves?

You soon see a bench in front of you and both of you sit down. Hear him/her talk about something interesting. What is it about? He/She gently stroke your hair. Feel the fingers running through your hair. How do you feel?

Continue on the path, it soon veers off to the left and goes downslope. See the sunlight filters through the leaves and dapples the path with lights. Did you see the red squirrel hopping from branches to branches?

Both of you proceed further down the path and soon it opens into a field filled with lavender. Sense the cool freshness of the green and purple field stretching around you and your love one. Can you smell the soothing and relaxing lavender aroma in the air?

At the end of the garden, you see a wooden hut. You wanted to explore the hut but your love one decide to stay a little longer in the lavender filled garden. It's alright as you will see him/her again soon.

You walk towards the wooden hut open the door and walk into a familiar place once again. It's your room. You smile, happy to be back. Slowly when you are ready, open your eyes.

Keep flexing your mental muscle using these creative visualization exercises. Sooner or later this technique will become a part of you. It?s worth the effort ? I promise.

Like what Galileo Galilei once said, ?You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him discover it in himself.? You know what Galileo means, right?

So take action. Put these creative visualization exercises to practice. It?s easy! That?s it.


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Visualization 1

Post  Wynterrose on Fri Apr 01, 2011 12:19 am

In the beginning this method was hard for me. But the more I did it and concentrated on the scene that was in front of me the more I was able to remember. It was as if i was still looking at the scene with my eyes open but they were closed.

Being able to see the seen so vividly made my mind believe that I was really there even when I would change the lighting of the room to make it appear to be a different time period then what I was currently sitting in. I really enjoyed this exercise. It has taught me a little more about the power of the mind.


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